A New Dream

It’s those crisp, cool mornings that drew me in. The steam rising from the darkness, floating and wafting seductively above the cup, slowly disappearing into nothingness. Soft sips, absorbing every flavor, every sweet and bright note while letting my mind contemplate life’s trials, victories and beautiful moments. Coffee opened up new doors, created a way to build a closer community and incited a passion for craft and hospitality in my life that is now culminated into the creation of Tanager Coffee Roasters.

My journey into the coffee world started ten years ago, in 2003. I started a non-profit with some close friends, focused on forming a community and building relationships with people who live outside and have severe barriers to income. One of our weekly activities was Saturday morning coffee in a small park on the wrong side of the tracks in Victorville, Ca. These are some of the most memorable times of my life: stories being shared (some true and exciting, and some wild and tall), relationships being formed and people just loving each other. It all transpired with a hot cup of coffee in hand, across the table, grass under our feet and smiles on our faces, tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts.

Being passionate about social justice issues in my own city and country, I soon learned of the vast injustices and poverty of those who grow and produce coffee throughout the world. I began learning about the importance of ethical economic practices and fairly traded products. It was important to me that the coffee my friends and I drank together reflected my commitment to justice and overcoming poverty through community. As a result, I began buying organically grown, fairly traded coffee that was not only ethical and equitable, it was far more delicious and satisfying.

I see starting Tanager Coffee Roasters as a unique opportunity to become a storyteller to a diverse and beautiful audience. Storytellers are pivotal between two groups of people and have the power to bring those two groups of people together in meaningful and extraordinary ways. That is my ultimate hope: to roast amazing coffee that is fun and delicious yet forms a close tie between those growing coffee and those consuming it. If you haven’t already, take a look at the story Tanager Coffee is weaving to get a better understanding.

I have big dreams for Tanager Coffee, I invite you to take a seat at the table, grab a hot cup of coffee and dream with  me.


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