And the Winners Are…

Last month we hosted an Instagram contest. It was focused on three very important concepts that Tanager Coffee Roasters interacts with and tries to perfect each and every day: Craft, Coffee and Community. These three things can mean a lot of different things to people we come into contact with and we asked the Tanager Community (YOU) to share with us what that looked like through the lens of their camera. We really appreciated each and every entry, there were some truly awesome photos and some that really highlighted the beauty of Craft, Coffee and Community. Without further ado, here are the winners of the contest:

Third Place: Emily McIntyre! With this excellent shot of her Husband, Michael and their daughter, Eire. Emily wins: 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Tanager T-Shirt(coming very soon), 1 Able Disk.

Second Place: Jaclyn Carrillo! She is a teach at a preschool and showed us how much coffee is the center of their community. I encourage you to click the link and read the beautiful story she wrote! Jaclyn wins: 1 Tanager Mug, 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Tanager T-Shirt and 1 Able Disk

First Place……… David and Mae Purista of Terminus Coffee! They really communicate not only the Craft and beauty of coffee, but they also showed how community and collaboration pushes us to grow and build long lasting relationships. Beautiful! David and Mae win: 1 Tanager Mug, 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Aero Press and Able Disk, 1 Tanager T-Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least… We have a very special category: Best Hip Hop Video. MC Brian Beyke Submitted an incredible Hip-Hop, Dancing in his car and jammin out video to the contest. He wins not only mad respect, but also a beautiful Tanager T-shirt and we will probably throw in a bag of coffee as well. Check out the #tanagercommunity to find the video.

Once again, Thanks so much to the folks to entered as well as everyone who believes in and supports Tanager!

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