We would love to hear from you. What are some stories you have that happened while drinking coffee? Have you ever visited a coffee farm?

If you are looking to pick up some of our coffee and live in or around Portland, OR you are welcome to visit the three shops that Tanager Coffee Roasters are featured at:

269955_120573971362722_5059211_nThe Arbor Lodge Coffee and Community Space

1507 N Rosa Parks Way Portland, OR 97217

Bags of coffee, espresso drinks and pourovers/filter coffee are all available for your pleasure.



 Cathedral Coffee

Cathedral Coffee Shop

7530 N Willamette Portland, OR 97203

Featuring Tanager Coffee as Espresso, Pour Over and Filter/Batch Coffee. They also sell whole bean bags of coffee.



Glyph Cafe & Arts Space

glyph logo

804 NW COUCH ST. Portland, OR 97209

Featuring Tanager Coffee as Espresso & French Press.

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