Let’s Celebrate 500 Followers on Instagram!

It has taken a lot of blood, sweat and hustle for Tanager Coffee to get up and running the past year. In the grand scheme of things, 500 followers is not the biggest milestone for some, but for me it means that our message and story is getting out to you. I consider each person who has followed us on social media, whatever the platform, to be a part of this little Tanager community and I am humbled to have your support. To commemorate this milestone on Instagram, I want to host a photo contest that will celebrate the intersection of Coffee, Community and Craft. There will be lots of really awesome prizes and hopefully, it will all bring us together in beautiful ways. The Contest will run for two weeks, starting Tuesday, July 1st and ending Tuesday, July 15th at 11:59 PM.

Here are the details:

– Take a photo that you feel embodies the intersection of Coffee, Community and Craft. Think of it as a triangle: Coffee at the top of the triangle with Community and Craft at the bottom, respectively. Your photo can simply involve a combination of Coffee and Community or Coffee and Craft, but if you can encompass all three, you may have a better chance at winning. Each photo should have the element of Coffee presented.

-Tag us in your photo: Please tag @tanagercoffee in your photo.

-Official hashtag: the official hashtag will be #tanagercommunity. Please make sure that you use this hashtag so that we can all see what beautiful work we are doing. Feel free to use #tanagercoffee in addition if you would like.

– Email us at tanagercoffee@gmail.com if you make an entry! It is important that you email me so that I can get your information to send prizes should you win. I’m pretty sure everyone will be a winner in some way, though.


Grand Prize: 1 Tanager Mug, 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Aero Press and Able Disk, 1 Tanager T-Shirt.

2 Place: 1 Tanager Mug, 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Tanager T-Shirt and 1 Able Disk

3rd Place: 1 Bag of Coffee, 1 Tanager T-Shirt, 1 Able Disk.

Check out this feed of #tanagercommunity so far!