We strive to bring you only the highest quality coffee that is intentionally sourced, cupped and researched. We gladly pay a premium price for our coffee so that we can ensure ethical and equitable treatment for the coffee producers as well as the satisfaction that our coffee’s will be of the utmost quality and taste.

Because coffee is a seasonal fruit, it is important to us that we only roast coffee that is harvested as recently as possible. It is also extremely important that you enjoy our coffee at the maximum level possible. We sell 250 gram bags so that you will be able to enjoy your coffee within the first two weeks after it is roasted, which guarantees absolute freshness. All of our coffee is sold in Whole Bean form for the same reason: maximum freshness and taste. At this point in time, we roast on Tuesday and ship/deliver the coffee on Wednesday so that it is ready to enjoy and in your hands in time for the weekend.

We will be adding different home brewing method recipes and ideas for you to enhance your coffee experience to this page very soon. We can’t wait to share the many exquisite taste experiences with you.

If you have any questions or want more information about how to enjoy our coffees to their fullest, we would love to answer your questions or offer suggestions. You are our priority and we value your experience.

Every coffee that we roast has a story behind it, and we invite you to join that story with us.

Our Current Coffee Offerings: