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Important Ordering Information

Hello Friends! We are currently having some issues with our shopping cart… We want your shopping experience to be amazing and secure. Please email us at or use the below contact form to order coffee. Just let us know the quantity and we will send you an invoice via your preferred method. Sorry for […]

And the Winners Are…

Last month we hosted an Instagram contest. It was focused on three very important concepts that Tanager Coffee Roasters interacts with and tries to perfect each and every day: Craft, Coffee and Community. These three things can mean a lot of different things to people we come into contact with and we asked the Tanager […]

Small Seeds, Big Hope

Small voices, laughing and talking excitedly as the mid-day sun shines heavy upon a tin-roof radiating heat upon tiny heads nervously sitting on the uneven floor. Dirty feet, loosely hugged by tattered sandals and framed by the fraying cuffs of school uniform pants, swing and sway to the sudden outburst of joyous song. Energy fills […]

A New Dream

It’s those crisp, cool mornings that drew me in. The steam rising from the darkness, floating and wafting seductively above the cup, slowly disappearing into nothingness. Soft sips, absorbing every flavor, every sweet and bright note while letting my mind contemplate life’s trials, victories and beautiful moments. Coffee opened up new doors, created a way […]