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Table to table, cup to cup, smile to smile: we are all a part of the amazing and exciting journey of coffee

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this coffee builds soccer fields


  • And the Winners Are…

    Last month we hosted an Instagram contest. It was focused on three very important concepts that Tanager Coffee Roasters interacts with and tries to perfect each and every day: Craft, Coffee and Community. These three things can mean a lot of different things to people we come into contact with and we asked the Tanager […]

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  • Let’s Celebrate 500 Followers on Instagram!

    It has taken a lot of blood, sweat and hustle for Tanager Coffee to get up and running the past year. In the grand scheme of things, 500 followers is not the biggest milestone for some, but for me it means that our message and story is getting out to you. I consider each person […]

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  • Small Seeds, Big Hope

    Small voices, laughing and talking excitedly as the mid-day sun shines heavy upon a tin-roof radiating heat upon tiny heads nervously sitting on the uneven floor. Dirty feet, loosely hugged by tattered sandals and framed by the fraying cuffs of school uniform pants, swing and sway to the sudden outburst of joyous song. Energy fills […]

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