Italy’s Pizza Scene Gets a Pineapple Twist!

Gino Sorbillo Shakes Things Up with a Pineapple Pizza

Italy’s Pizza. Alright, folks, brace yourselves because Italy, the pizza kingpin, is in the midst of a cheesy controversy! Gino Sorbillo, the pizza wizard from Naples, has thrown the rulebook out the window and slapped pineapple on his pizza. Yeah, you heard that right!

Sorbillo’s Pineapple Pizza Extravaganza: The “Margherita con Ananas”

So, Gino’s whipping up what he calls “Margherita con Ananas” on the most famous pizza street in the world, Via dei Tribunali. This ain’t your regular Hawaiian – it’s a white pizza, no tomato, loaded with three types of cheese, and the pineapple? Well, it’s been double-cooked for that sweet caramelized vibe. Yours for just 7 euros ($7.70).

Gino, the third-gen pizza maestro, spilled the beans, saying he’s doing it to fight food bias. He wants to prove that ingredients aren’t poison; they just need the right pizza cuddle.

Pizza Revolution in Naples: Making a Statement

Now, imagine doing all this in the pizza heartland of Naples with its 3,000 years of pizza tales. Gino’s got outlets all over the globe, but he’s planting his pineapple flag right where pizza history began.

He’s not just flinging pineapples into the oven; it’s a whole process – prebaked pineapple, smoked provola, basil, and a woodfired oven dance. And let’s not forget the ‘micro shavings’ of smoked cheeses. Fancy, huh?

Italy’s Pizza War: Pineapple Edition

But oh boy, the Italians ain’t having it. Pineapple pizza? It’s like breaking some unspoken food commandment. Social media’s blowing up with insults, and they’re even squabbling about it on national TV. Pineapple’s causing a stir in the pizza-loving nation.

Gino’s like, “Hey, I put it on the menu without saying a word, and people ordered it, even locals!” Yet, Italy’s a house divided – half dig it, half despise it. It’s like pineapple pizza tore the nation in two. Drama much?

Pineapple Pizza Defenders Speak Up

Now, not everyone’s dissing it. Food journalist Barbara Politi rushed to Naples, took a bite, and gave it a thumbs up. She’s dropping knowledge bombs about pineapple being part of Europe’s food scene since Columbus did his thing in 1493. She even compared it to sushi – starts weird, gets addictive.

Gino’s out here defending his pizza evolution, saying in recent years, pizza toppings have gone wild with stuff like speck, mortadella, pistachios, and whatnot. Pineapple’s just part of pizza’s glow-up.

Sorbillo’s Bold Move: Ketchup Pizza Joins the Party

Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, Gino hits back at the critics with a ketchup pizza. Not your ordinary ketchup, though – it’s homemade sauce from fancy Italian tomatoes on a white base with smoked provola. He’s on camera, surrounded by ketchup bottles, declaring it a triumph. Talk about flipping the pizza game!

Gino’s all about mixing things up, saying, “Change one ingredient, and boom, you got a whole new pizza.” He’s confident pineapple pizza will soon spread to other joints in Naples and beyond.

In a world where pizza’s not just dough and cheese, Gino Sorbillo stands tall, challenging traditions, one pineapple slice at a time. Whether Italy embraces the pineapple revolution or not, Gino’s pizzas have sparked a saucy debate in the heart of pizza culture. Cheers to pineapple, ketchup, and pizza drama!